Foton® Pearled Candle
Foton® Pearled Candle
Foton® Pearled Candle

Foton® Pearled Candle

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Turn almost anything into a unique candle with our patent-pending, refillable pearled candles and never throw away another candle container.

What's included?

  • Enough plant-based wax pearls to fill a 30 fl oz container, 3 times bigger than normal 10oz candles and up to 120 hours of burn time, depending on how it's used.
  • 30 wicks, each burn around 12 hours. Relight the same wick or replace it to refresh your candle. 

Candle Scents:

Foton pearls offer a medium to mild scent throw, designed for a unique candle experience and mind-blowing centerpieces without overwhelming fragrances. 

Not sure which scent to choose? Order scent samples here or pick the Scent Free option and add compatible essential oils or fragrances. See instructions & safety guide before use. 


Our sustainably sourced plant-based wax pearls are non-toxic and burn cleanly with minimal smoke or soot. They're readily biodegradable and vegan, so you could enjoy your candle with a peace of mind.

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